Friday, December 22, 2006

Ten Things I Love About Los Angeles

1. You can drive around in the car at night, bawling your eyes out, and no one knows.
2. You can walk into one of the best restaurants in town with no reservation, sidle up to the bar, and get amazing Steak Frites with no wait.
3. The 3rd St. Christmas walk, wherein you get drunk on all the free wine and goodies and buy completely random things at 10% off. (One exception: the cashmere tights from Hillary Rush that are going to change my life in NYC this winter.)
4. Runyon Canyon in the middle of the week when you're dog-sitting.
5. Trails in Griffith Park for the pie.
6. Hollywood Forever.
7. The back patio at The Coffee Table, because it has no wireless and forces me to work for hours.
8. Burbank Airport.
9. Karuna Yoga and Bahn Sabai massage.
10. My friends.
Especially the ones with pools.


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