Monday, December 04, 2006

"Big Day" is no "Bridezillas"

From the NY Times, December 3, 2006: “Big Day,” a riff on reality shows like “Bridezillas” on WE television, takes a minute-by-minute look at a couple’s wedding day, including a blow-up when the bride learns that her mother has conspired with the wedding planner to serve baby lettuce with pear vinaigrette over the “simple” Caesar salad she wants.

From me: Um, I totally disagree about Big Day being a riff on shows like "Bridezillas." Or if it is a riff, it sucks. Bridezilla's is awesome television viewing. Is there anything better than seeing a bride scream at her wedding party?

More from the NY Times article: Josh Goldsmith, an executive producer of “Big Day,” said, “At the time you really believe the kind of salad you eat at your wedding is a life-or-death issue.” He added, “All of the stupid little arguments that you have are really just stand-ins for the big emotions you are really feeling.”

From me: Mr. Goldsmith's show is not being too subtle about trying to illustrate his point. When the daughter threw a fit about her salad she basically said that it is really about her making her own decisions. The characters are all caricatures (immature fiance, momzilla, sis who is so bummed about being the single sis that she sleeps with the best man).

Bridezilla shows real women who act in ways that we only hear about. Getting a peak inside the lives of tragically misbehaved women is pure telenirvana.


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