Tuesday, November 28, 2006

If they can't make it work, who can?

I am stunned, stunned about the Pam Anderson and Kid Rock divorce. Ok, maybe not really stunned. My favorite headline came from the NY Daily News (link above) who titled their "piece" "Four Weddings- And Then Divorce."

What is up with the 4 weddings thing? They had their white trash boat party, then had a small courthouse wedding and then they had a ceremony in each of their hometowns. What is that about? I understand (sort of) when people have one ceremony in a native country and one in an adopted one but, really....4? Let's hope that this is not a celeb thing that catches on. Imagine how boring your Lobridemized friend will be when she has 4 ceremonies to plan. yikes.

A final thought/question: How does the Kid still have money? I know that he is a corporate schill and had Ba Wit Da Ba, but how far can that dough spread?


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