Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fed Govt. Targeting Unmarried Adults Up to 29 with Abstinence Message

This is one of those news headlines that reads like it's an Onion spoof, only it's not.

According to the report in USA Today, the federal government plans to target unmarried adults up to age 29 with some of the millions of dollars it has earmarked for "public health" abstinence education.

I've got some ideas for other places those millions of dollars might actually be useful, and not downright insulting to people (lest Bush forget) that are old enough to vote.

The politicizing of one's personal life notwithstanding, what's with the cutoff at 29? Are they trying to perpetuate the idea that if you aren't married by 30, you're tragic so you may as well get it if you can?


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