Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lauren Greenfield's Thin

Last night I went to a screening of Lauren Greenfield's documentary "Thin." Greenfield is a acclaimed photojournalist whose book "Girl Culture" profiled women and teens all over the US. One of her subjects was a patient at Renfrew, a FL eating disorder clinic. Greenfield went to Renfrew for the film, and featured four girls who are struggling to overcome anorexia. As Greenfield put it, she started out exploring how women use their bodies to express themselves, and eating disorders are an extreme version of using the body as a voice.

This is not the Hollywood sternum-chic version of anorexia. These girls don't have extensions to cover up hair loss, or a makeup artist to work on the premature aging caused by starvation. It's disturbing but well worth watching. To see their neuroses and behavior writ large is incredible considering the nature of the disease--it's its own private hell. "Thin" is premiering on HBO November 14th. Check it out if you can.

And for those of you in L.A., the photos from her accompanying book, Thin, will be showing at the Fahey/Klein Gallery. Reception is tomorrow evening from 7-9 pm, 148 North La Brea Ave.


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