Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Big Day

So, having written a book all about marriage pressure I felt it was my duty as an author to watch this show. It was so-so at best. A few things that got under my skin:
1. Who are these people with houses large enough to host a fancy, schmancy wedding?
2. Why does the daughter think that by reclaiming her salad choice, Caesar, she is making some big statement? Aside from the fact that her mom (played by the always awesome Wendy Malick) is right about Caesar not being a good choice (stinky breath, anyone?) it is just ridiculous that the daughter thinks that by having the dining details that she wants she is making some big statement of independence. She just came off like a spoiled brat. She is having mommy and daddy foot the bill for a fancy wedding and she is going to fall on her sword over a salad choice? I think that the writers are like, "crap, this has to last for 20 episodes. Hey, let's do a whole subplot about can be like a symbol..."
3. The whole "real time" thing told me a few things: a. I now know exactly how many minutes of commercials are jam-packed into the show. At one point it was 4 minutes of program to 4 minutes of commercial. b. I would rather poke my eyes out than watch this girl's wedding day spread out over 20 or so episodes.

A fairly decent show did premiere last night. It's called "My Boys" and is on at 10pm on TBS. The sports metaphors get a little tiresome, but I laughed a few times. The show is about a woman who is a sportswriter and has nearly all male friends. The writing is good and the characters are promising. Definitely better than "Big Day."


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I'm hooked on Men In Trees. Retro-Sexuals are yummy!

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