Monday, December 25, 2006

The Great Cranberry Shortage of 2006

After a lovely day spent strolling around Belmont Shores and watching Stella romp at the dog beach, Tommy and I headed home and discussed our Christmas plans.

We had decided to stay in LA after a vague unvitation from my parents, "don't feel like you have to come back to Virginia every year." Our plan was to skip the traditional meal (especially since I am a vegetarian) and celebrate Christmas as my mom's side of the family would, Twin Dragons Chinese Restaurant.

The only problem is that Twin Dragons' food is well, not delicious. We reassessed. When Erin left she gave me a box of unopened stuffing. It was a sign. I would cook dinner. We would keep it simple:
Stuffing, cranberry Sauce, corn Bread, Pillsbury "Crescent" rolls (nasty but tasty), green beans, corn and a turkey leg for Tommy.

I thought it would be a quick in and out at Whole Foods. Wrong. They were out of Cranberries. We headed to Gelsons. They were out too,as was the Whole Foods on 3rd, Ralphs on 3rd, Ralphs on Hauser, Erewon and Trader Joes. Luckily my schnazzy Treo saved us from actually going ot most of the stores, but we did hit 4 of them.

Cranberry sauce is my favorite. FAVORITE. Christmas dinner is not Christmas dinner without it.

I ended up with Whole Foods' cranberry sauce in a can, both the jelly kind and the whole kind. I am trying to stay open-minded about it, but part of me wants to pack it it and hit the Mu Shu.


Blogger cathycab said...

Now you may be shocked to hear this, but the Great Cranberry Shortage of '06 extended all the way to north central Arkansas. That's right, not a fresh cranberry to be found. As that's the only thing I know how to cook that is Christmas-like, I continued my trend of being the moocher daughter-in-law. Sadly enough, I live near some of the biggest cranberry bogs in the country and could have brought pounds to Arkansas. Sigh

7:41 AM  

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