Thursday, September 14, 2006

Poetic Justice

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Singles Table Sneak Peek!

NBC has a mid-season replacement called "The Singles Table," about a group of people whose friendship is fused when they are seated together at the crap table at a wedding. You know, the one you get stuck at because you don't have a significant other, and therefore no plus one to bring. Sound familiar?

Coincidentally, my gorgeous friend Lynn Chen plays the role of Lexi, seen here in her sea foam bridesmaid dress. Some of her fans edited together this video of her scenes, where it becomes clear that her ex Ivan, a singles table exhile, is losing it with every new glass of Cab he sucks down. It's one of those uncomfortable wedding moments that I relate to. Thankfully for my reception crisis there were no overpaid wedding videographers taping every word for posterity's sake.

Remember what we tell you in the book: Stick to your wedding buddy and watch it on the drinks. Anyone else have a mortifying wedding story to share?