Friday, February 29, 2008

Compete to be a Maid of Honor: Are you maid enough?

Seriously folks, got this on one of the networking sites I belong to. Personally, when I told my friends I would not be having a wedding party I heard a large sigh of relief. Do women actually wantthis "honor"? Granted there are some benefits to being the MOH: you can call some of the shots, you can boss around the other girls and you can choose to wear a different dress than the rest of the gals in the party. But to go on TV and argue your case for why you should be the MOH? Sounds very 5th grade, "I'm your best friend" to me. But for those of you who need a free dress and cake, maybe give it a go.

Top LA Production Company is casting Southern California brides and
their bridesmaids, ages 21-35, to be part of a sassy new wedding show
for a major cable network.

The show will help out the blushing bride who just can't seem to
choose between her bridesmaids for the coveted role of Maid of Honor.
And with all the other stresses of planning a wedding, this show will
help her to see who is the best woman for the job!

Through a series of bridal related challenges, our bride will let the
women in her life battle it out to prove they are maidĀ enough. Do
they know the bride better than anyone else? Can they choose the most
stylish bridesmaid dress that they know she will love?

If you are a bride with a big decision to make and 6 or more
bridesmaids to choose from, we want to help! Let us know what has
made this choice so tough, and tell us about all the lovely ladies you
are choosing between.

If you make the cut, your bridal party will need to be available in
Mid-March for 4 days of filming in the LA Area.

The show will pay for the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding cake! We
are also giving stipends to all participants.

To apply, email us a little bit about yourself and send a recent
picture to

Hurry - casting deadline is approaching fast!


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