Friday, July 13, 2007

The News

Check out CulturalCruise's musings on getting the "We're Engaged!" calls from friends. An excerpt:
I loooove my friends - especially this one. And really, was not ever one of those girls who HAD TO or PLANNED TO be married -with children (not sure I even want to have those) by a certain age...or ever! nop, not me...NE-VER! But you can't help but feel a teensy bit inferior - yes, inferior and shitty. Shitty that you are once again the guest and not the guest of honour. Shitty that another someone you know and love has found the 'one' and you barely know what the 'one' should look like...inferior in that everyone, everywhere has somehow found their way to this archaic and yet still very much sought after 'right of passage'...and you - you have not.

And you cajole yourself with platitudes that when they come along, it will be all that much sweeter, that at least you are persuing other avenues in life that are much more interesting and passion-driven than planning a wedding could ever be....and that you are way better off single - (insert diva air snap here) but what pisses me off the most is that I actually do believe that...I've always believed that. But when confronted with a marriage to witness (or many marriages this year) and applaud - it's hard to - say, perhaps plan an equally socially validating party for all your other life's pursuits - and no, birthdays don't count, everyone has those.

And btw, there will be NO bridesmaids at my wedding, either.


Blogger sweetkristy730 said...

LOL I don't want any bridesmaids at my wedding either - just my sister as the Maid of Honor.

9:00 AM  
Blogger culturalcruise said...

Wow! Thanx gals for the shout out!!!

This weekend - 1 wedding and one bridal shower...I am here in one piece --phew!

10:21 AM  

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