Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Style Network's new show "I Propose" sinks both sexes deeper into the Bridal Wave

As part of their 21 Day Wedding Party,the Style Network is airing a new show called, "I Propose," in which:
"we follow a fellow who's poised to pop the question. While his unsuspecting girlfriend participates in what she thinks is a new series highlighting unique relationships, the groom-to-be is busy coordinating the magical moment."

I knew that men felt the pressure to propose in some kind of "right" way, but I am surprised that any guy would sign up for this show, considering it pays a measly $1,000 (a drop in the bucket of your average $26k wedding.) But then I read on and it seems like this show is tapping into the recent trend of what Erin likes to call the Princess Groom:
"and don't the gentlemen who bring extraordinary flair and finesse to the occasion deserve their own moment in the spotlight?"

Have men been feeling slighted by the Wedding Industrial Complex? Well now they too can feel the Big Day pressure,
"In each half-hour episode, Our cameras roll as the future groom tries to coordinate everything--from finding the right ring to booking the ideal location. It's hardly a piece of cake as he fights to stay within budget and on schedule, racing against the clock to pull everything together. And then there's the small matter of handling his future in-laws..."

So I am left torn between
1. Hating this show for adding yet another 30 minutes of Wedding hoopla to the air and
2. Loving that this seems to be leveling the playing field between the sexes. Not only are men going to feel the stres of "the spotlight," the Style Net doesn't want any uglies. Their casting call specifically called for "attractive" men only. Awesome.

I guess I am going to have to watch tonight.

[full disclosure: I sooo wish we had pitched our own wedding season show and I would love to be a partner with the Style Network at some point....seriously....call me.]

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