Monday, June 04, 2007

Today is Old Maid's, really

I knew that there were a lot of random holidays, but my goodness, who would ever have invented this one? Ok, when you read the explanation you realize that Old Maid did not yet mean what it means today, but maybe it is time to put this one to rest? Or maybe this day should be embraced and June 4th should be the biggest ladies night of all?

Origin of Old Maid Day:

The year was 1946 (or thereabouts). WWII was over, and millions of soldiers were returning home. There was a huge increase in marriages. Somewhere during this time, it was noted that there were plenty of Maidens waiting for the returning GIs. And, the ladies were not getting younger as they awaited the return of their GI. The long war had disrupted and put on hold many relationships. And, many GIs did not return home. Dances and socials were held to bring together returning soldiers and the many available, unmarried ladies. It is from this occurrence that Old Maid's Day emerged.


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