Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Annals of Being a Bridesmaid #7

Someone sent us this tale, and we have to admit there were some doubts about whether or not it was entirely true...but then again, real life is always stranger than fiction, even in bridal fantasy-land, right?

And so it begins...
the night before my good friend’s wedding (we’re not really friends anymore), i was staying at her house with all of the other bridesmaids. i was using the bathroom before bed, and when i went to open the door, i realized that her cat’s paw was stuck in the gap between the floor and the door. i had to force the door open, and the cat screeched bloody murder and limped away and we had to rush it to the emergency vet, and it had all these broken bones, etc. the cat was supposed to be in the wedding (no joke) but since it couldnt walk, she decided that my punishment would be to CARRY IT down the aisle. so i held a squirming cat in my arms (im allergic, too) for the duration of the 45 minute ceremony. might have been the worst experience in my life, and im sure all the guests thought it was the most BIZARRE thing ever.

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