Friday, April 27, 2007

Singles vs. Couples

Geneva White's column in The Northwest Herald this week discusses how hard it is to be single when you are friends with couples, and she interviewed me.

We've all had those happy-couple (or not-so-happy couple) friends that force us to witness either their complete inability to use each other's first names:

"Oh, sweets, you are soo funny."
"No babe, you're the funny one!"

or their little tiffs and spats, without any regard for how uncomfortable it makes everyone else.

But the funniest part is how White talks about her friends "Stacey" and "Don," and their overzealous interest in her love life:
...they would eagerly inquire about my own love life, wanting to know details about any recent dates. Was this someone I could see myself with? Could he be the one? When do we get to meet him? I had the impression Stacey and Don wanted to indoctrinate me into their very exclusive club. And although I found their behavior annoying, I longed to be a member.

I told her it reminded me of the time when I was relaying my early dates and mishaps with S. to my soon-to-be wed friends. They gobbled it right up, and then said "You're like our very own Bridget Jones!"

I smiled weakly, and thought: Thanks. Glad my pathetic love life is pure entertainment for you!

Anyone else ever feel like the marrieds or soon-to-be marrieds are desperate for your dating adventures and misadventures?


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