Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Q & A: Shower Ideas

Dear E & V: I have to throw a bridal shower and I've never done it before. Help! PS: I'm not rich.--First Timer

Dear First Timer: Everyone gets nervous about their first time. The good news: you don't have to break the bank to throw a bridal shower for your bud. The bad news: It is a three-hour affair with more estrogen per square foot than anything you've encountered in a long time. Don't worry about trying to host something at a swank brunch locale. If you can't have it in your home (a different kind of square footage issue), see if there's an Aunt or other female relative that could offer hers. Then, enlist the bridesmaids to help you, potluck-style, with a menu. You can throw a themed shower and have food, invites, and gifts revolve around that. And that's where Google comes in.

Enter “bridal shower planning,” and you’ll be shocked at how many sites are dedicated to the art of the shower. Some common themes:

  • Stock the Pantry. Guests write a favorite recipe on a card and bring it, along with all nonperishable ingredients she’ll need for the recipe. If your crowd is from the “throw the Lean Cuisine in the microwave and press start” school of cooking, you might want to broaden it to a “favorites” theme and have guests bring their favorite...hand cream, cocktail mix, TV show on DVD, candles.
  • Entertaining. Just bring something that has recreation written all over it: puzzles, board games, badminton set, bocce balls, Frisbee, karaoke machine.
  • Books.Everyone selects a book they think will be useful in married life. (What not to bring: The Woman’s Book of Divorce: 101 Ways to Make Him Suffer Forever and Ever). Or you could even jump the gun and get a book on child rearing. Way to kiss up to the MIL and MOB!
  • Spa. A no-brainer: this theme would include gifts like manicure sets, massage oil, facial masks, spa gift certificates, and plush robes.
Bottom line: Creating something that is suited to her hobbies personalizes it and will make the B2B feel special.

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