Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wedding Season survival tips

Last night Erin and I shimmied in a burlesque class at Goddess Life as part of an event that the Step Up Women's Network had for us. After the class we read from our book, shared some of our bachelorette horror stories (which you can read here) and then we had the women break off into smaller groups to come up with different survival tips for a busy wedding season. Many of them are also in our book, but since 'tis the season, we thought we'd share them with you.

Ways to save on...

Ways to save on wedding attire:
1. H&M
2. Get one plain dress that you can wear over and over again and change it up by switching accessories
3. Go with a two-piece outfit so you can mix and match

Ways to have fun at your umpteenth wedding:
1. Drink

Ways to save when throwing a shower/bachelorette:
1. potluck
2. have the party at a house instead of a bar
3. delegate. Assign different tasks to attendees so everyone shares in the work (and cost)

Ways to save on gift/creative gift ideas:
1. Sweet Scrabble: buy Scrabble and glue in a cute, scrabbly way, the couple's names and their wedding day and maybe something sweet like "happy together" or whatever works with your letters. Then glue ribbon around it so the happy couple can hang it on their wall
2. Give the bride a lovely frame with an even lovelier photo of the two of you in it. Then insert a note that says "replace with a wedding photo of you and (husband's name.
3. Buy an inexpensive item from the registry and augment it with things that match. For example, buy some bbq tools and augment with an apron, mesquite chips, bbq sauce.

The event sparked a new Bachelorette idea: Find a local dance studio that offers a fun class like Burlesque, or belly dance and rent it out for your party. It's a great way to break the ice with girls who might not know each other and it is the perfect start to a risque evening. Remember ladies, leave the cameras at home!

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