Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gifts Held Hostage!!

One of the many benefits of working out of your home is the ability to receive packages/repair people. Coming over between 8am and noon? Not a problem, I'll be here. So when a friend sent a pacakge to me containing Christmas presents for me and her sister in law in LA I thought nothing of it, even when she told me that she sent it "signature required."

The package took a long time to cross the country, but thanks to the tracking number we knew it would arrive sometime Friday, December 22, plenty of time for me to play Santa and deliver the gifts.

That day I went to the flower mart downtown (a fun experience and much cheaper than going to a florist) had lunch and hit the new H&M at the Beverly Center (very disappointing now that it is here in LA and not a special destination and way too 80's for me.)

I got home at 3:00 and saw the Fed Ex slip on my door. I figured I was in a game of get the package of the truck before Christmas. Wrong, a neighbor had signed for my pacakge!! WOO HOO! Thank goodness, right? Wrong.

The package came at noon according to the slip. It was 3:00. I headed over to my neighbor's. I could see the box through her french doors:

She was not home. I didn't think much of it but I went ahead and left a note on her door letting her know that she could just leave the box in front of my door.

When she was not back by Christmas I was annoyed. I mean she tried to do something nice and all and I hate to complain but, come on! Then I saw a neighbor who mentioned that the girl who signed for my box had gone to London to visit family!!! Who does that? Just don't sign for the package. Let me try my luck with getting it off the truck. She signed for it and then less than 3 hours later headed overseas!

It is now January 2 and she is still not home! Really? Who does that? And how do I act when she does get back? Grateful? Am I allowed to say something to the effect of what the heck were you thinking? Thoughts?


Blogger Nikki Steely said...

That is too funny! So...is she back yet?!

8:33 PM  
Blogger val said...

She got back on Thursday, January 4 and she gave the package to another neighbor instead of giving it directly to me. strange.

6:18 PM  

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