Friday, March 23, 2007

Back in action!!

I have received some inquiries as to why I have not been posting, leaving all of the work to Erin, who has plenty on her plate without a lazy co-blogger. Well I wish i could say that i have been on a fab vacation or even swamped with writing gigs. Unfortunately I've been here...and not crazy busy......just a bit, uh lazy? Here is a rundown of my past month or so:

1. My friend, Viv moved in with me while she looked for a job and apartment. She just left NYC and girlfriend worked fast. In about two weeks she got a job and a beautiful place.

2. Viv's dog, Gemma moved in with her. Gemma is a pug and the most un-pug-like pug I've ever met. She is full of energy and can hike step for step with Stella.

3. I sprained my ankle...twice. So the fist day that Gemma moved in I decided to take the dogs on an extra walk. I wanted to clear my head and, as a devout Cesar Milan disciple, I thought that walking Gemma and Stella together would help them to form a pack, and therefore not kill each other when we're gone. Things were going well. I was on the phone, chatting away one minute and on the ground, shrieking into the phone the next. I followed the R.I.C.E formula (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and tried to go easy for a few days. I figured that there was no reason for a doctor's visit because that would be lame. Who goes to the doctor for a sprained ankle, right? About a week later I went hiking with Viv and the pups. We took the hard route and discussed our need to start a regular exercise regime. Then, at the top of the hike, Runyon Canyon if you happen know it, the same thing happened as before: I was up and happy, then I was down and in agony. I was faced with a choice: wait at the top for viv to go down the hill, get the car and drive around to the top of Mulholland, or walk down. I walked down. One word: OW. I went to the doctor and got a brace and he said that you should always get a sprain checked out because often the sprain is a break and you don't know it. He also said that if a sprain doesn't have time to heal properly it could become a lifelong "weak ankle."

4. I made my television debut! It hasn't aired yet, but I was a guest on the
Gregory Mantell show
. I think I did well, but I will let you folks in LA, San Diego and NYC be the judges of that. As soon as I know when it's airing I'll be sure to post about it, and have it on our site. Gregory had totally read the book, asked good questions and made it a great experience for me. I'm glad that I have done TV but I don't think I'll be able to watch it because I would end up getting lip injections and botox. Seriously, after seeing a glimpse of myself on video I totally got why celebs go botox-crazy.

That's about it for me. What's up with you?

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