Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why do I care about ads?

This has been a TV-heavy weekend for me. Lots of couch time. Lots of TiVo. I should have done a Valerie’s Reality, but I watched so many different shows in a row that they’ve all blurred together. Unfortunately, Brothers and Sisters I had to watch live, and therefore had to suffer through the commercials. Here then, my thoughts on a few of them.

Purell- The first time I saw their tagline, “Imagine a Touchable World,” I thought it was sad that so many people have become such germaphobes. On second viewing (I rewound, thank you TiVo,) I came up with a different theory: when they researched the commercial they had a focus group full of "heavy Purell users" i.e., germaphobes. Imagine eight of these people sitting around a table, talking about Purell situations, and probably skeeving each other out in the process. For them the world is untouchable. I'm glad not to relate. I admit that I am more of a slob than most, but I am also never sick. I touch doorknobs without fear, safe in the knowledge that germs don't live on metal surfaces, or so I tell myself.

Kleenex- This ad featured a woman talking about her struggles in life and how she overcame them. The she spoke about crying and then you find out that she is schilling for Kleenex. Their tagline, "Let It Out" is lame. Is their strategy, "celebrate crying"? I guess that could be ok. Crying can be good. But Kleenex seems more like nose blowing to me. I guess it would be hard to have a 30 second, inspirational story that hits its zenith when the protagonist blows her nose.

I did like a few commercials today. One for the Toyota Tundra and one that of course now I can’t remember. Oh, and I am liking the “so easy even a caveman can do it” ads more and more. Unfortunately I am not sure what brand they’re for. Is it Geico? I’ll check after posting.

I have been watching a lot of TLC, Oh! and WE this weekend. I have nothing interesting to say about that, but feel I must confess.


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