Thursday, February 08, 2007

How eighties!

So I am not a fan of 80's nostalgia. I lived it and wore neon without irony. I think I feel about the 80's the way my mom felt about me coming home with a treasure trove of thrift store finds from the 70's. She didn't think it was a treasure.

Anywho, the other day Tommy and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond (I tend to always need things that fall into the "beyond" category) at the Beverly Center, where you have to pay $1 for the privilege of parking. Paying to shop will never make sense to me.

Just after pulling into the lot we realized that between the two of us we didn't have a dollar to our name. We parked and began the desperate game of searching the car for change. Frustrated that we only came up with $0.50 we decided to just go in and figure out the dollar later. And in that nanosecond when the door was closing Tommy realized that we had locked the keys in the car.

I bet not many of you could do this anymore. Thanks to the mighty key FOB, most of us are spared from that dreadful moment when the door is closing just as you recognize what you've done. Not us. We kick it old school with our keys. So now we are locked out of our car without a dollar to our name.....or our cell phones! That's right, we left them at home. I always have my phone. Always. So now we are penniless and unable to make a phone call. Just try finding a pay phone these days.

Thankfully, the kind manager of Bed Bath and Beyond called Mall security who helped us get back into our car....for free! They did break our door's lock, but I'll just add that to the list of our car's quirks. Our quick trip took about an hour and a half: just long enough for Stella to get tired of waiting for us and pee on the living room floor. awesome.

All I could think throughout the whole ordeal was "how very 80's."


Blogger Anne-Archy said...

Check out this tennis ball unlocking trick. I'm wondering if it really workks!

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