Monday, February 12, 2007

Bridal Wave Hits the Sunset Strip

After leaving sub-zero temperatures in NYC, we did what anyone fleeing winter would do: we rented a Mustang convertible so we could arrive at our reading in style.(Sadly, no sooner did we get to Hollywood and park the car for lunch did someone clip our driver's side mirror and leave it dangling. Note to the hit and run driver on Martel: karma's a bitch.) But we did arrive on Sunset to see our book cover and mugs staring back at us from the Book Soup window:

Before it startd, I 'fessed up that the motivating factor for me to work at Book Soup during college was its proximity to the Viper Room, because I hoped Johnny Depp might drop by and realize we were meant to be. (What can I say? I hadn't met S. yet.) But Johnny & I were not meant to be, as he never dropped by, though plenty of other celebs did. When school started again, I could not keep two jobs and quit BS. Before I left, however, I helped get Val a job there. And who did she wait on her first day?

Yes. Johnny.

After doing a bit of reading from the book, we got to sit back and enjoy our friends read selected entries from our bridesmaid horror story contest (which by the way, ends Thursday, 2/15, so you still have a few more days to enter). A big thank you to our super-talented friends Lynn Chen, Ali Davis, Kathleen Kindle, Noah Laracy, Susannah Laracy, and Will O'Hara!

Wine was on hand thanks to the fabulous people at Bodega Wine Bar.

Valerie signs a copy for the lovely Lynda Kay of Lonesome Spurs.

My pal Andrea Meyer, whose novel "Room For Love" comes out this September from St. Martin's Press!

Here are some more scenes for everyone who couldn't be there. Hope to do something similar on the east coast when the weather is warmer!


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