Monday, February 19, 2007

The "F" Word

The thing about being a Bridal Wave (ahem) straggler is that when you are finally done attending all your friends' weddings, you may find you have yet another one to go to that you weren't expecting: yours.

If you are anything like Valerie and me, princess dresses and tiaras make you break out in hives, and if you read The Bridal Wave, you know the wedding industry is designed to make even the mightiest woman into a complete sucker. (Isn't it funny that all the near-hysterical headlines about marriage being on the decline fail to mention that the wedding industry is booming--and doesn't appear to be concerned about all the New York Times U.S. Census stories? Here's a fun fact: If you were born after 1977 you have been labeled a “Millennial” also called an “Echo Boomer” or “Gen Y.” You are the children of baby boomer parents and you outnumber the generation before you, which means that you are responsible for the projected 22% that the bridal market is expected to grow from 2002 to 2017. )

So like we told you in the book, if you WANT to get married, chances are good (88%) that you will...once you've survived the recycling of Mr. Not-Quites, the trauma of your Grandfather trying to set you up with his elder care aide, and having your butt fall asleep while sitting at the singles' table. What do you do then?

Enter Kelly Bare's new book The "F" Word: A Fiancee Tells Her Story From "I Will" to "I Do". Kind of like a big sister to The Bridal Wave, Kelly's book picks up where ours leaves off, and through her really smart essays (she had me at "engagment," her possibly Freudian-slip of the keys when tried to type "engagement") she continues the good fight in demystifying all that "Happiest Day of Your Life" propaganda. So if you or one of your really cool friends is heading for a lobridemy, check this book out.

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