Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our first Q & A

Yay! I am happy to report that we received our first Bridal Wave question. We welcome all questions/comments/thoughts.

Dear E&V:
Help! I have a friend who has decided to forgo the traditional ceremony/reception thing. She is having a small, family-only ceremony in her hometown of Eugene and a big party in her adopted home of LA. The thing is that I live in Portland and cannot afford to fly to LA for a party. Is it tacky to ask her if I can come to the family ceremony in Eugene? -Poor in Portland

Dear PIP: I want to say that it depends on your relationship with the bride, but really it doesn't. Your friend has decided to have a family-only party and if you are not family, then you are not invited. You can't RSVP to an event to which you are not invited. This is the decision she has made and now you have a decision to make: to fly or not to fly. Maybe if you're lucky, your friend will notice your decline and will invite you to the local ceremony instead.

This makes me wonder, if your friend is having a "party" and not a wedding reception, then I would think there would be no registry, right? Is she registered? If she isn't, maybe you can take that $100 and apply it to the airfare?


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