Tuesday, January 16, 2007

News & Reviews

It was pretty exciting for us to pick up the January 22, 2007 issue of OK! Weekly, which featured not only news on "How Jessica got THIN for her new man" (WTF?) but a review of our book:

But the best review we've gotten so far? We got an email from a reader this weekend:

Thank god you wrote this book! I was starting to think I might be certifiably insane. I'm 26, have my MA, and work as a school psychologist, so you think I would be able to keep a level head with all the wedding craziness, but I couldn't!

It most likely has a lot to do with the fact that my mother (who was also my very best friend) had been diagnosed with cancer, and all she wanted in her life was to plan a wedding and have grandchildren (no pressure, right?). Then my little sister (who doesn't even believe in marriage) got engaged before I did. I pressured my boyfriend of almost two years into proposing by setting deadlines. Unfortunately, my mother passed away before getting to see any wedding, and we broke off our engagement because he 'didn't want to stop trying to be an actor (at 34).' Of course, I did the whole 'I won't find anyone better and he is comfortable' thing, so we got back together. Now, we're on a break and your book made me realize I'm just trying to fit a timeline I made when I was 17, and that this guy really isn't right for me. I may have even ruined what might have been a perfectly good relationship by pressuring him to commit.

My friends are all obsessed with wondering, analyzing, and questioning when their boyfriends will propose. I'm so glad I can now back away from the insanity, worry about myself, and be glad I don't have to spend all that money on a wedding! I'm going to Costa Rica instead!

I swear she's not related to us, nor do we know her personally. So keep sending us your stories, your questions, and everything else to info@thebridalwave.com. And dear reader, send us a pic from Costa Rica. We love to hear from you.


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