Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Can't get enough Sex and the City

I feel like the title of this post is very 1999 but it's true. I truly cannot get enough of this show. I tirelessly watch the edited for syndication version as well as the episodes that my Time Warner Cable parcels out to me through On Demand.

In December Time Warner (I so miss Comcast just because I like saying Comcastic!) started back with the first episodes and I feel compelled to watch them all AGAIN! At night I tell myself that I will watch just one, but one turns into two and then I can't stop. The only reason I show any restraint is that I know that I will not be getting new episodes until January 22.

I never read books more than once (except ours, which is so incredible I read it over and over) and I do not own movies but SATC never fails to grab me. As I get, ahem, older, and where I am in my life changes, I take away different things from the episodes. Now that I am in the everyone-I-know-is-having-a-baby years, I identify with different episodes than when I was just entering The Bridal Wave.

Another example of my perspective changing: I used to think that Aidan was Mr. Perfect, but just the other day I watched the episode where he and Carrie are standing outside near a fountain, he in a tux and she in a white dress, and he trys to get her to marry him that night. When I watched it the first time i thought she was a fool not to go for it but this time I thought that she made the right decision. He did not trust her and thought that if she married him it would solve the problem, which it wouldn't.

I may have to rethink my whole Anti-Big stance. Luckily the episodes will be on plenty long enough for me to do so.


Blogger Erin said...

the funny thing is right after reading your post, i flipped on the TV (can't believe we finally have cable) and the episode i caught was when carrie's doing her sad book signing. everyone seems to care more about mr. winkles, a dog who's headlining.

i agree--it's so repeatedly watchable that you pick up different things as your own life changes. fear of a bad book signing is definitely a new phobia.

9:25 AM  

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