Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A New Reality Low

Last night I discovered my new 2nd favorite TV Show. Ok, well 3rd favorite, behind Girlfriends and Project Runway. My new show? THE ULTIMATE COYOTE UGLY.

I saw this on my guide and had to watch more. Here is what CMT says about their show:

"The series follows Coyote Ugly founder Liliana Lovell's nationwide search for the ultimate coyote - a woman who can sing, dance, flair and bartend better than any other. Beginning in NY, two women are chosen in each of five cities to join a road trip down to New Orleans where Lil lives and where the New Orleans bar needs a grand re-opening. Along the way the women will learn all the Coyote skills - bar flairing, singing, dancing and bartending. Lil will decide who stays on the road trip and who is sent home in regular eliminations until we find five finalists who will compete to be the one to win $25,000 on the night of the bar's grand re-opening. Lil is assisted in her search by veteran Coyotes/mentors Cyndi and Chantel and by choreographer Jacqui."

Why I am sort of obessed with this:
1. These women are competing to be the ultimate what? Bartender? "Dancer"? I know that there is a cash prize to be won and it doesn't say that they will actually BE a bartender at the newly re-opened bar. I hope that these women really want to be the Ultimate Coyote and aren't just in it for the cash prize. Integrity, people!
2. Two of the women trying out were described as "scientists." Really? Would scientists compete to be the best dancer-on-a-bar? Wow.
3. What's next? Competing to be a stripper? To be a Hooters girl? Should I be pitching those ideas? Does anyone have a connection at Live Nude Nudes?

I think that this may be a new low for me. But make no mistake, I got a season pass and will be watching every episode.


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